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Scrum Product Owner Certification (SPOCTM)

Scrum Product Owners hold a pivotal role in any Scrum project team. If you are thinking about introducing a Scrum approach in your business, we recommend training several team members in the skills and knowledge an effective Scrum Product Owner needs.Having a number of Scrum Product Owners will open up a higher level of versatility and productivity for your projects.

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Scrum Product Owner Certified Course Brochure
Scrum Product Owner Certified Course

What does a Scrum Product Owner do?

Scrum Product Owners are known to be the key stakeholders of any Scrum project. They set out the project’s criteria and prioritise requirements, communicate continually with both the client and the Scrum team, and maintain a clear focus on the end result of the project. Along with the Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owners keep the project on-track.

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Who Attends this Scrum Product Owner Certified Course?

We recommend selecting anyone with an interest in organisational skills for the role of Scrum Product Owner. Good communication skills are also important. A product owner must stay focused and continually vocal about the priorities of the client, the team, and the project as a whole.

Course Benefits

Key Benefits of this Course

A Comprehensive Solution

Our Scrum Product Owner training provides everything your team needs to learn how to be effective, confident product owners.

We include 2 days of classroom training with our experienced Scrum trainer, all classroom materials and the SBOKTM Guide textbook, online learning resources, and your exam and certification costs.

Flexible Delivery

As we’ll be delivering the training exclusively to your team, we can work around dates that suit your business schedule best, minimising disruption to your team’s productivity.

International Certification for Your Team

This course and its accompanying exam lead to the internationally recognised Scrum Product Owner (SPOCTM) qualification.

Consistent Skills & Knowledge

By training your team at the same time, you’ll ensure that they have the same level and range of knowledge. This keeps projects running smoothly and efficiently.

Course Format

More Information about this Course

How is this course delivered?

Our Scrum Product Owner course is a 2-day classroom-based training. Training is delivered by an experienced Scrum trainer to your team at your location anywhere in Ireland.

What are the training objectives?

  1. To provide your team with an understanding of Scrum and the role of Scrum Product Owner.
  2. That each participant will leave with the confidence to perform the role of Scrum Product Owner.

What is covered during this training?

Here is a high-level overview of what’s covered during our Scrum Product Owner course:

  • Overview: Agile and Scrum
  • Scrum Team Roles
  • Scrum Principles
  • Scrum Implementation
  • Scaling Scrum

For a detailed course outline, view or download our PDF brochure instantly by clicking below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Scrum Product Owner certification will my team achieve?

This course and its exam lead to the Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOCTM) qualification, awarded by SCRUMstudy. SCRUMstudy is an established provider of Agile and Scrum certifications worldwide.

What is the exam format?

To achieve their certification, participants will complete the online Scrum Product Owner exam following training and their self-led study period. The exam is 180 minutes in duration and contains 140 multiple choice questions.

Do my team need experience to attend this training?

No Scrum or Agile experience is needed for this training. While experience with projects is always helpful, it’s not essential.

Is this course available for individuals to attend?

This course is only available for in-house bookings. If you would like to attend Scrum training as an individual, we recommend our Scrum Master Certified course.

Other Questions?

If we haven’t answered your most pressing question, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. You can reach our training consultants at Freephone 1800 910 810 (mon – thurs, 9.00am – 5.30pm, fri 9.00am – 5.00pm), or click below to ask us a quick question.

About This Role

About The Scrum Product Owner Role

The Scrum Team

Scrum is a very team-focused approach to responsive project management. Each member of the team has clearly defined responsibilities. The success of a Scrum project relies on each member of the team performing their role with capability and confidence.

What does a Scrum Product Owner do?

The team’s Scrum Product Owner is often called the “key stakeholder”. This is because they act as the voice of the customer, communicating continuously with both the customer and the rest of the Scrum Team throughout the project.

Defining, Prioritising & Focusing

The Scrum Product Owner will define a project’s criteria from the outset, reprioritising requirements as work progresses. As they are in constant contact with all other parties involved with the project, they are best-placed to carry out this function.

They also remain clearly focused on the project’s deliverables and end result.

Learn More

There are two ways to learn more about the role of a Scrum Product Owner and how it is covered during this training:

  1. View and / or download our PDF brochure instantly by clicking below.
  2. Get in touch with our training consultants to discuss your requirements for Scrum Product Owners by calling us on Freephone 1800 910 810, or asking a quick question below.

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